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    • 14 Mar 2009

    Gathering support in the south

    I appreciate everyone's input on my "connecting Tennessee" post. The information has been a helpful resource in gaining momentum for my rail project. The groundwork is still being laid but with the help of a few friends we have started an organization titled "Format our Future to Unite and Utilize New Century Concepts"(FFUUNCC).We call it "funk" for short, we represent a growing group...
    • 22 Feb 2009

    Connecting Tennessee to the rest of the country

    Hello fellow rail enthusiast! Any ideas on ways to get Tennesseans to support a passenger rail network? The past two months have been spent collecting data pertaining to previous initiatives, cost, political support, existing rail information, I'm even filming a documentary and trying to create a website to demonstrate to the public all of the benefits produced by rail transportation. Any ideas on how to bolster...