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June, 2009

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myProgressiveRailroading Blogs
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  • "GRAIN JOURNAL 2009 Rail Transportation Update"

    The Grain Journal is "The voice of the grain and feed industry" The May/June 2009 Volume 37, # 3 edition -Rail Transportation Update- covers the following: An outlook for the 2009 harvest for the 6 Class I railroads in North America including...
  • "IRON ROAD" to air on -CBC TV- August of 2009

    The new film "IRON ROAD" will be broadcast by the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on August 9th & 16th at 8:00pm EST and will tell the story of the over 17,000 Chinese workers who were recruited to build Canada's railroads...
  • "Only ALCO-G.E. builds -all three-"

    "All three types of motive power---steam---electric, and diesel-electric---were used to produce the amazing totals of 725,000,000,000 (billion) freight ton-miles and 85,000,000,000 (billion) passenger-miles in 1943." "Only American Locomotive...
  • "this is the last word in railway transportation"

    The Olympian electric locomotive # 10254 built by Alco-General Electric in 1919 was equipped with 12 Bi-Polar gearless motorized bogies. At 76 feet in length and weighing 521,000 lbs, it "afforded Milwaukee Road passengers the smoothest and most...
  • Michigan Tech/IBM Global Rail Innovation Center Partnership

    The Michigan Tech Rail Transportation Program is close to 2 years old, the IBM Global Rail Innovation Center opened up last week. What does this tell you? The RAILVOLUTION is gaining steam...it's time for more of America's businesses, industries...
  • "RAILS AIRPORT TOUCHDOWN - June's Railway Technology Newsletter"

    "The Growing Airport Market - Friday 12 June 2009" When you and I take a friend or business associate to the airport, this usually means 2 pick-up&drop-offs---a total waste of time and gazoline. What if you could still do the 'bye...
  • "See America now by Pullman-Lowest Rates in History!"

    "EXCITING NEWS! As a feature of "Travel America Year" The Pullman Company (in association with America's railroads) is offering you a sensational travel bargain...the Pullman 1st class "Grand Circle" Tour Plan. Make Pullman...
  • CNBC "Fast Money" video: "Should you climb aboard the transports?"

    "Railroads are outperforming the markets": goto "Eye On Transports" on CNBC Fast Money June 12th 2009 5:00 EST Morgan Stanley upgraded BNSF-Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp- BNI to equal-weight and upgraded CSX which it called...
  • UNION PACIFIC Chairman & CEO James Young on Bloomberg TV: "For the Record"

    Mr. Young, Chairman & CEO of Union Pacific Railroad was featured on Bloombergs TV News interviewed by Monica Bertram on "For The Record", Friday 13th of July at 1:00 am. This program will be repeated throughout the weekend. Mr. Young...
  • "These trains touch the lives of 50 million people every day"

    "PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD" Carries more passengers, hauls more freight than any other railroad in America" "Rolling along the rails to a hundred cities and a thousand hamlets, the Pennsylvania's fleet of 6,700 trains---passenger...
  • "NOW - Worlds Largest Fleet of Newly Equipped Trains"

    "...bringing you the NEW in New York Central!" "You'll find a world of new comfort not only on the fleet shown here, but on dozens of other daily trains. Production's caught up with the world's largest orders for re-clining...
  • High-Speed Rail Candada=/=Transport efficiency of use-electric vs fossil fuel data:

    "The basic facts in favour of a shift from liquid fuel to electricity for transportation are these:" "1st---the purchase price of energy in the form of energy in the form of electricity in jurisdictions like ONTARIO, CANADA is...
  • Governor Granholm of Michigan talking rail car building in auto-plants

    The Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm is walking and talking rail these days, definitely not about the roller-coasters at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio---even though they are quite sophisticated and well maintained rail systems in...
  • CNBC VIDEO: "High-speed-rail is coming America---get ready"

    Street Signs with TV hostess Erin Burnett Airtime: Tuesday June 2nd 2009 / 2:35 PM EST US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said: "America is one big pothole today and we're going to fix it" "We are going to do projects...