Electric Trains

When you were a child I'm sure you played with Lionel, American Flyer, or Marklin or some other form of electric train.  By now you  must have ridden on an electric trolley car - even in the US.  I say that because we act as if electric power had a curse on it.  We have what we call a 'light rail' to all people.  But a centruy ago or thereabouts we hauled heavy freight on electric power like foreign nations.   Each time I receive a new copy of Progressive Railroading Magazine I look through it to find something on electric powered freight trains plus, of course, commuters and other passenger trains.  But I find nothing when at one time, as I said above, it was so popular.  Then it all stopped.  Who did that?  Someone's name is on it.  Everyone is afraid to make a move, evidently.

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