The President's High-Speed Rail Plan — Like It or Lump It?

Where do you stand on the plan? Will it advance HSR in the U.S.?

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  • Like it, lots.  Considering how much in federal funds have been invested in the other modes over the past 50 years, it's a good start.

  • Mr. Stagl

     I em new to all this but i was just wondering how much work is it.? to get the tracks up to where they can handel high speed trans. I mean they cant just use what we have now can they?? Do you know where i can find out more about what there doing about getting the tracks ready? For the High Speed Trains. What are the standers or rules for the tracks to be safe for the high speed rail.

     I em now in my 27th mouth as patten pending on a new Idea to replase ties. that i beleave that will be able to do it on the run.  beleave it or not.  I spent the last 12 years dreaming about it. But have not talked about it to to many peaple. butt i think that is about to change very soon IF?? i can find the right peaple to help me.

     One of the first things i want to do is find someone that can build my car and idea on the computer first so that i can go after the money  like a Grant.  Do you Know of any Body Like That ?? I wood like to get a peace of that 787 Billion that pres just put out there. if its not allready to late?? i cant emagen it lasting to long.

     I live in Sarasota Fl and i dont know any body in the rail road. down hear or any where for that fact. the guy that gave me the idea is in Indeana. and i have not even told him that much. Hes getting up there in hes years so i have been waiting to get my ducks in a row first. be for i do. Its Mr Fischer owner of the Primix Corp. Have you heard of there new Tie ?? if not you might find it interasting? They had over 8 Billion Ties on order at one time. and those where manly samples going to 40 differnt conterys. Butt they never did get into production.  All thoe they did have all the test don and it past with all the highest marks.  So check out there web Site. it might rase a eye brow or to .)

     What is it you do for the Rail Road??  You know what they say? its not what YOU know!!! Its HO you know That can help the most.   CAN YOU HELP ME??

     Thanks Ruston Haughey (Hoyboy)    Please put Rail Road in the Subject line Thanks


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