All I want for my wedding is … a streetcar?

Remember the last wedding you went to? What did you take as a gift? Chances are, you presented the newlyweds with a shiny new toaster, blender or (fill in houseware item of your choice here).

But the guests at last Saturday’s nuptials between Kristen Myers and Chris Heckman were asked to forego the home goods and instead provide donations to the proposed Cincinnati streetcar project, according to a Cincinnati Enquirer article published earlier this week. In addition to improving the economic viability of the area in which they live, work and play, the young, urban couple hopes that the streetcar will give their friends and family reason to come back to visit once the line is built.

The three-mile line would run between the downtown area and the University of Cincinnati. If the project is axed, wedding guests’ tax-deductible donations will be returned. No word yet on how much money was raised for the project, but the Enquirer article says 260 guests were invited to the wedding. Chances are, the donations will barely make a dent in the project's $185 million price tag, but the publicity the couple has received will go a long way toward raising awareness of a worthy cause. 

  • Brilliant. When I next go there, I will take a ride too. Those who love tramcars, please come to Calcutta before it is too late!

  • ...and I want a Ferrari.

    Hopefully the rest of the country gets a grip on costs as cities continue to implement streetcar systems.  What Portland Oregon seems to have kicked off is a good thing except for the cost.  They are 3-5x more expensive than we could build these systems for, and barely go beyond what even a crude bus network can do for multiple times the money.

    I'm pro-streetcar but hopefully we can begin implementing good, well thought out systems, that can move efficiently, and timely, the large numbers of people that streetcars can and should handle.

    Keep up the wishes, but also be careful what one wishes for.

    The last thing we need is more bankrupt cities that over bought on fancy things.