‘Tweeting’ — transit style

Ever hear of Twitter? It’s a social networking service under which users can send and receive updates, known as “tweets,” that tell their friends, family and whoever else might care, what they’re doing at the moment. 

While the service has apparently been around for a couple of years, I first heard about it a few months ago, when I read on an entertainment Web site that so-and-so had tweeted about their break-up with some other celebrity (yeah, I read that stuff — don’t judge). Since then, I’ve been hearing so much about Twitter, tweeting and the like that I’m starting to wonder if I’m one of the remaining few people that don’t use the service.

Anyway, to my point … I just received a  press release from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announcing they launched a new Twitter page where passengers can sign up to get information about Metrorail service disruptions. The service will provide WMATA another avenue for communicating with passengers, particularly those who use portable electronic devices for information, the agency said.

Kudos to WMATA for finding new and relevant ways to reach out to their customer base. Happy tweeting.