June, 2008 - jstagl - Editors' Posts - MyProgressiveRailroading
    • 25 Jun 2008

    Going 'green' in a big way

    I’m just starting to compile information for a cover story article on freight railroads’ “green” efforts that I’m going to write for our August issue. The working title is “Sustainable Momentum — Railroads and the Green Movement.” Along with other railroads, I contacted CSX Transportation to get an idea of what the Class I is doing to reduce its carbon footprint. Talk...
    • 17 Jun 2008

    A fitting farewell for the boy who loved 'choo-choo' trains

    Flooding in many parts of the Great Plains and Midwest continues to affect workers at more than a dozen railroads as they toil to repair washed out track and damaged bridges. But a family’s tragic loss caused by severe weather in Minnesota last month affected several Canadian Pacific Railway employees a different way. As in pulling at their heartstrings. Two-year-old Nathaniel Prindle died and three members...
    • 11 Jun 2008

    Railroads can't be wild about Into the Wild's trespassing scenes

    A few days ago, I watched the DVD version of the film “Into the Wild.” The 2007 movie is about a 23-year-old college graduate who secretly leaves his dysfunctional parents behind in Virginia to hitchhike and hoof his way to Alaska’s wilds. While living alone for more than 100 days in the wilderness, he comes to an unexpected but satisfactory conclusion: “Happiness is best when shared.” ...