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    • 28 May 2009

    Charting CP's path to reinvention and rejuvenation

    I spent the past few days in Calgary visiting with the fine folks at Canadian Pacific . Here’s a shout out to my media relation hosts Mike LoVecchio and Kevin Hrysak, who were gracious ones at that. They made sure I had access to senior executives, got interesting tours of nearby intermodal and hump yards, and CP’s historic steam engine, and had more than enough to eat come lunch and dinner time. Thanks guys...
    • 12 May 2009

    Ethanol-powered locomotive a promising 'green' concept

    Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Ohio entrepreneur Tom Mack is developing an ethanol-powered locomotive — motive power that would propel railroads’ mounting “green” campaign and tap emerging ethanol markets as a fuel source. Mack, whose father started medical software company C.H. Mack, so far has raised about $350,000 for the R&D project through his firm, Alternative Hybrid Locomotive...
    • 8 May 2009

    ECP a bright spotlight at enlightening Windy City 'Wheel/Rail' seminar

    A week after returning from the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas, I headed to Chicago yesterday for Wheel/Rail Interaction ’09, a four-day seminar held May 4-7 that’s organized by Wheel Rail Seminars and Advanced Rail Management Corp. (ARM), and presented by Progressive Railroading . Instead of dealing with another crowded airplane and busy airport...