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May, 2009

Editors' Posts

Editors' Posts
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  • Charting CP's path to reinvention and rejuvenation

    I spent the past few days in Calgary visiting with the fine folks at Canadian Pacific . Here’s a shout out to my media relation hosts Mike LoVecchio and Kevin Hrysak, who were gracious ones at that. They made sure I had access to senior executives...
  • Ethanol-powered locomotive a promising 'green' concept

    Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Ohio entrepreneur Tom Mack is developing an ethanol-powered locomotive — motive power that would propel railroads’ mounting “green” campaign and tap emerging ethanol markets as a fuel...
  • ECP a bright spotlight at enlightening Windy City 'Wheel/Rail' seminar

    A week after returning from the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas, I headed to Chicago yesterday for Wheel/Rail Interaction ’09, a four-day seminar held May 4-7 that’s organized by...