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    • 15 Mar 2010

    Class Is: The tide has turned

    On March 12, I had an enlightening and encouraging chat with CSX Corp. CEO Michael Ward, who was kind enough to come to his Jacksonville, Fla., office on his day off to visit with me — I am flattered and most appreciative Michael. The talk was enlightening because Ward’s take on current traffic trends provided me some new insights, and encouraging because the gist of his view is the economic tide has turned...
    • 8 Mar 2010

    Sign o' the times

    I know jobs are hard to find. My brother-in-law has been out of work for 16 months, mostly because of a pinched nerve that required two surgeries and months of rehab, but partly because he hasn’t been able to find a job in his restaurant management field since December. I’ve also heard friends and co-workers tell similar stories of loved ones mired in the job-search market for long periods of time. Those seeking...