Please, mind your manners

Does it seem like more people in society today are forgetting their manners? Some regular users of passenger-rail services seem to think so, according to the folks at Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. In response to customer complaints about rude behavior on MARTA trains and buses, the agency recently launched a "customer courtesy" initiative to encourage passengers to treat each other with respect and dignity. MARTA isn't alone in taking such action; the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority also has been promoting some basic rules of passenger etiquette. You can read our story about those agencies' efforts here. And, if you agree that such 'mind-your-manners' campaigns are necessary, drop us a line to let us know why.

  • unfortunately traveling will never be like it was 50 years ago. One would not think of getting on a train or plane without being properly dressed. A dirty tee shirt and torn jeans do not demand courtesy or respect. Mind you Manners campaigns may help a little , but the entire mode or mood of travel has slipped along with the dress code.  

  • That should have read " Mind your Manners campaigns "