Election Day

One week from today, the campaigning will be over as voters cast their ballots for the next president of the United States. This week's question on ProgressiveRailroading.com asks who will get your vote. You can let us know by taking the poll here.

While there's been little discussion of transportation issues on the campaign trail, I'm curious if the candidates' positions on transportation — rail, in particular — will influence (or has influenced, if you've already voted) your choice for president, Congress or a local political office. If yes, how so? Also, will there be a rail-related referendum on the ballot in your community? If yes, what's the question and what do you think about it?

There's plenty of room for discussion of rail transportation on MyProgressiveRailroading.com. Help us get the conversation going by sharing your ideas.

4 Replies

  • As a retired TCU union railroader who wants a STRONG Railroad Retirement System, the choice in clear. Mtt Romney is pro-coal which accounts for huge railroad employment and will push for clean coal , will get my vote. Romney/RYAN is the clear choice.  

  • My choice is for Jill Stein.  The coal will still be there long-term, even if rail traffic tails off in the next quarter.  I want clean air to breathe and healthy waters, crops, and forests and not face higher health and other consumer costs.  I trust neither Romney or Obama on cleaning up coal which would change the price and market position, regulating fracking,  weighing environmental risks such as with new pipelines, or backing up the EPA.  Pres.Obama's  push for wind energy has produced some rail traffic.  The growth in rail shipment of crude from shale formations is much less intrusive, doesn't require EPA approval beyond new transload facilities, and improves viability of grain branches.

  • Post 2012 Election:

    Congradulations to President Obama & Vice President Biden!

    The High-Speed-Passenge-Rail initiative can now be be moved off the siding and proceed full steam ahead.

    The Romney/Ryan/Tea-Party anti-railer plan to scrap-out AMTRAK is no longer a threat.

    The TV media has finally realized that 1/4 of the GDP of the USA---the North-East-Corridor---has a century old backbone made of High Iron.

  • In reply to RAILWAYIST:

    Congratulations Railwayist.   I believe that your reply may be the first one you have submitted that Larry Kaufman may agree with. . Or at least partially agree with..Good work.

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