For NS, it's all about safety, service and employee engagement

When I visited Norfolk Southern Corp.'s headquarters in early October, I expected to talk about some major safety initiatives with CEO Wick Moorman, COO Mark Manion and other executives. We discussed something major alright — a complete safety culture makeover, from one based on negative reinforcement to one built on a foundation of positive reinforcement. My take on the years-in-the-making cultural shift is chronicled in our cover story for the November issue, which can be read online via this link. Speaking of the web, I also authored an online only article that sheds a bit more light on NS' new safety and service committees that replaced former safety committees. Linked here, the piece provides examples of how workers involved in the committees are generating ideas that can hep prevent accidents and injuries, and/or bolster operational performance. The primary driver of the culture change and committee changeovers: to better engage employees in the process of improving safety and service. It likely will be a much more effective process in the operating department alone if the unit's 25,000 workers have a say that's not only encouraged, but welcomed.

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