What was the No. 1 rail story in 2012?

What do you think was the biggest news story to hit the rail industry in 2012?

Was it the shake-up of Canadian Pacific's board and executive management? Or, the fact that a highly partisan Congress was finally able to muster the votes necessary to pass major transportation legislation? How about Genesee & Wyoming's effort to acquire RailAmerica, or the launch of high-speed rail service on a segment of the Chicago-St. Louis corridor?

Or, did all those stories get blown out of the water when Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Northeast Coast, leaving millions of commuters without rail transportation and causing more than a billion dollars in railroad infrastructure damage?

Consider casting your vote for 2012's top rail-news story on ProgressiveRailroading.com's poll. If none of the choices meet your criteria for the year's No. 1 headline, let me know what you think should top the list by posting a comment here.

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  • GWI/RailAmerica was a done deal even befoere the Application was filed with the STB, since GWI secured the support of 16 U.S. Senators and 57 Representatives, as well as 11 state DOTs.

    The number one railroad story in 2012 was the decline in the movement of coal and the increase in the movement of alternative fuels, including the transportation in tank cars of shale oil and of fracking sand in hopper cars and pipes on flat cars.

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