President Obama's climate change plan

Late last month, President Obama unveiled his climate change "action plan" — a  series of executive actions and proposals designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions, prepare the nation for the impact of climate change, and take the lead on international efforts to address climate change on a global scale.

As part of his plan, the president said he would direct the federal Environmental Protection Agency to work with the states, industry and other stakeholders to establish carbon pollution standards for new and existing power plants. He also set goals to increase funding in clean energy technology, including investments in advanced biofuels, emerging nuclear technology and clean coal. In addition, he set a goal to double wind and solar electricity generation by 2020.

Naturally, public reaction to his proposals varied in their views on how they would impact the environment and the economy.  What are your thoughts on the topic?  How will Obama's plan affect the economy? Specifically, how would it impact the rail industry? Let us know what you think by sharing a comment here, or by answering this week's poll question on

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