The North American fleet by the numbers

How many rail cars were there in North American freight service at 2012's end? What was the average length of haul? How many new rail cars were delivered? What does the U.S. fleet look like, car type wise? How old is the current tank car fleet? How many locomotives did Class Is acquire or rebuild last year? Answers can be found in our annual Fleet Stats section. The statistics — from the Association of American Railroads' Policy and Economics Department — offer hints at the relative health of the rail-car market and, so the North American rail industry. How healthy is the market now that we've passed the midyear point? Tank-car orders continued to drive rail-car market activity during 2013's first half, but orders for other car types weren't exactly booming, so we'll see what the second half brings. In the meantime, check out AAR's most recent data and the possible trend lines therein.

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