Wick Moorman and the art of conversation

I first interviewed Wick Moorman about a decade ago (around the time he was named president of Norfolk Southern Corp.) and I came away thinking how it was almost disarming, the way he put people at ease. Whatever the topic. Interview, schminterview — it was a conversation. An engaging one.

I felt the same way a couple months back, when I talked with him for a story I did on Moorman receiving our 2013 Railroad Innovator Award. Once again, he was engaged and locked in. He listened. He asked questions. It was a conversation.

And when he said a few words after receiving the award at RailTrends® 2013 in New York City last month? Same thing. Engaging. Gracious. Referential. Deferential. Entertaining. And, as always, conversational. In my December column, I waxed a bit on what Wick said (and how he said it) at RailTrends on Nov. 22.

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