RailTrending now...

In his RailTrends 2015 preview, transportation consultant and Progressive Railroading columnist Tony Hatch notes that an aim of our annual conference in New York City (this year's will be held Nov. 19-20) is to break down "silos" (you know the ones) and "unite the various stakeholder groups around the common themes and interests that need further review and exploration." Yep. This year, common themes will include the tone and tenor in DC, and all the regulatory/legislative issues that can be shaped by that tone/tenor (PTC, rail-car design, ECP brakes, truck size and weight, safety and more). We'll also be talking about growth and the prospects for same, capex (up? down?), the new energy frontier and the intermodal (r)evolution. Along the way, we'll think out loud about The Future — about next-generation leaders, next-generation technology and next-level challenges. The notion of "next" certainly will be top of mind for me in NYC.
    What's top of mind for you these days? Let me/us know. We'll do what we can to get it into the discussion pipeline — online, within our pages, at our "live" events. In the meantime, see you at RailTrends.

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