The intermodal light's on

I did a bit of "Wizard of Oz"/Scarecrow referencing in my May issue column ("... I think it'll get darker before it gets lighter") regarding the near-term rail traffic volume and revenue stories. I also think the domestic intermodal story, like the one playing out at BNSF Railway Co., has legs. We're a long way from an ending, and the next few chapters might not be all that happy, but network, equipment and technology investments railroads have made (and continue to make) — coupled with what Managing Editor Jeff Stagl last month characterized in our May cover story as "thorny issues in the trucking industry" (that lingering driver shortage, poor driver retention rates, regulatory issues) — continue to bode well for intermodal growth — longer term, for sure, and probably in the not-too-distant term, as well. It's a story I'll stick to until a more compelling one is written.

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