Ballast management (part one in a series)

Yes, North American railroads are spending less on track maintenance this year, but they're still spending a fair amount on it. They certainly are doing plenty of ballast-related work, as noted in our 2016 MOW Spending Report, which was published in April. To complete it, they've got help — from new automated conveyor trains to a variety of delivery/distribution options to undercutters to maintenance-free systems.

In our June issue, eight firms that offer ballast equipment and expertise shared information with us on their latest technology and/or services: Georgetown Rail Equipment Co., Herzog Railroad Services Inc., Loram Maintenance of Way Inc., Miner Enterprises, Ontario Trap Rock, Plasser American Corp., Progress Rail Services Corp.’s Maintenance-of-Way Division and Rail Construction Equipment Co.

In our September issue, we'll present part two of our ballast management series. The article will feature product and service information from several other suppliers and providers.

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