Gearing up for RailTrends 2016

Our RailTrends 2016 conference is just around the corner. Slated to take place Nov. 17-18 in New York City, the event will feature input from several rail industry leaders, including Ed Hamberger from the Association of American Railroads and Linda Darr from the American Short Line and Regional Rail Association. We'll also honor CN's Claude Mongeau with the 2016 Railroad Innovator of the Year award.

In our September issue, columnist Tony Hatch offers a brief preview of the conference, which he says has bridged the gap between professionals across the industry.

"Due in part to its very age, the rail industry, in some ways, had ossified into a series of job- or segment-specific silos ... and so had its conferences; perhaps a turret is an even better metaphor," Hatch writes. "RailTrends aims to present the links between the turrets — the players you don't see when you spend time with CFOs or COOs alone."

Check out his column to learn more about the event and our scheduled speakers. Do you plan on attending RailTrends this year? Any sessions you're most looking forward to? Any big topics we're missing? Let me know in the comments section below.

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