CN's Mongeau: A true collaborator

Today, we formally honored Claude Mongeau with the 2016 Railroad Innovator Award for his accomplishments as president and CEO of CN. Under his watch, the railroad focused on improving relationships with supply chain partners to boost overall efficiency a strategy that's led to several positive outcomes.

For example, CN's operating ratio in first-quarter 2016 improved by more than 10 points compared with 1Q 2011, shortly after Mongeau took the helm. In addition, the railroad's first-quarter operating revenue came in at nearly 3 billion Canadian dollars, up from CA$2 billion in the same quarter in 2011.

Mongeau stepped down from his post in June, but current CN execs say that his impact is still being felt.

Last month, I got in touch with Mongeau to ask a few questions about his time at the railroad, as well as his thoughts on the future. Check out my recent Q&A to read more. What do you think about Mongeau's focus on supply chain collaboration? Is that an important goal at your company, too?

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