Stabilizing forces: Surfacing and tamping technology

What do maintenance-of-way managers and contractors want from their surfacing and tamping equipment? What they always want: cost-effective, reliable and productive machines that help them to complete projects quickly. And suppliers know it. As Harsco Rail officials told us recently:

“Automation advances, such as drone technology, are being incorporated into our next-generation tamper, creating a highly productive machine that requires minimal operator interaction,” they said, noting that the machine had yet to be released on the market. “Our goal is to let the operators focus on applying quality corrections and not worry about where the next tie is located.”

Harsco was one of several rail-industry suppliers to share information on tamping and/or surfacing technology for an article that appeared in our November issue. Also offering information: Ballast Tools/Ballast Tools Equipment, Modern Track Machinery, Nordco Inc. and Plasser American Corp. Did we miss your company's surfacing or tamping technology? Share information on it below. Or let us know.

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