Optimism in the rail finance and leasing realm

Given the President Trump's words and executive actions to date, and the current makeup of Congress, it's likely railroaders and the suppliers who aim to serve them won’t have to work too hard to convince regulators or legislators to pare back some of the regulations that can impact the rail industry. It's a sentiment that's given the rail finance and leasing execs we surveyed during the information-gathering process for our 17th annual Finance & Leasing Guide — cause for optimism about the near term.

Some also wonder if they'll see relief from some of the cyclical pressures — freight-car orders, locomotive purchases and big-ticket asset lease rates being the cyclical beasts that they still are — they've been facing the past couple years.

What else were they thinking about, business wise, earlier this year — to be precise, during the first half of January? Read their responses to our survey questions.

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