New crew call system another nudge in KCSM's innovation push

Last year, Kansas City Southern deployed a new CPM-Mexico Crew Call system for its Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM) subsidiary to transform time-consuming manual processes and a legacy server into a more efficient, cloud-based and automated crew management solution.

The CPM-Mexico Crew Call system provides real-time data to enable KCSM to more effectively manage its business and includes such automated functions as crew availability tracking, employee incident management and real-time notifications to the crew office.

The real-time data allows KCSM to monitor and react to train delays in a timely manner, thus improving the forecasting of crew supply and demand, and empowering managers to make fact-based decisions.

KCS provided us a short article to describe KCSM’s effort to implement a better crew management solution. You can access the article here.

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