A stable marketplace for passenger-rail locomotives

Although public support for transit-rail projects fluctuates from year to year, makers of passenger-rail locomotives say the global market remains stable. And train builders are taking advantage of that stability to pioneer new products. They're also continuing to fill orders for their existing product lines.

Alstom, for instance, last year unveiled the iLint multiple unit, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. At the same time, the company has signed several contracts to build its Coradia passenger trains. Meanwhile, Siemens has been refining its Charger locomotives for various customers as it continues to work through a large backlog of other projects.

"There's a long pipeline of needs across the United States from various commuter railroads and transit systems," Siemens Rolling Stock President Michael Cahill told me. "How they get funding, of course, is the key question."

To learn more about the overall passenger locomotive market, take a look at my feature from our May issue. I'd be curious to hear readers' thoughts on this market, too. Feel free to share them in the comments section below or on progressiverailroading.com

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