Railroads continue their push for PTC compliance

Much has been accomplished over the past nine years, but there’s still so much left to do. That pretty much sums up the progress of positive train control (PTC) implementation for the more than three dozen Class Is and commuter railroads that are federally required to adopt the technology by Dec. 31, 2018.

With the deadline looming, there isn’t that much time left to finish everything. The railroads’ only other option is to acquire all radio spectrum and install all hardware by 2018’s end to be eligible to apply to the Federal Railroad Administration for a two-year extension.

Class Is and commuter railroads are eager to derive the varied benefits from PTC — and the billions of dollars they’re investing in it. So, they’re doing all they can to get their systems in place, they say.

To learn exactly what several Class Is and commuter railroads are doing on that front, read this article I authored for our December issue. Feel free to share any thoughts or concerns about PTC in the comment section below.

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