UP's technological exploits are enhancing safety, operations

Capitalizing on technological advances — of the emerging software, applications, and electronic tools and processes type — is vital to achieving business growth and operational improvement goals, so says Union Pacific Railroad. To that end, the Class I strives to not only monitor, assess and adopt the latest technologies, but to devise and employ its own innovations.

The Class I now is a leader in developing and applying technologies to enhance safety, streamline operations and help customers grow, according to UP Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Lance Fritz.

Over the past five years, the railroad has been more aggressive in its pursuit of emerging technologies, ranging from software to applications to new computing processes. Among the newest and most promising: Big Data, predictive and video analytics, machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

To learn more about UP’s deep dive into all-things technology, read my cover story in the March issue. If you have some thoughts or examples to share about railroads and the technological age, please use the comment section to do so.

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