Who is using railcar transfer tables out there?

Who is using a railcar transfer table at their plant or yard?  Are any transit organizations using transfer tables?  I am very curious to know how many are out there?  And what parts of the Country they are located in.  Including Canada!  As well as what purpose they are being used for, such as changing directions, pulling cars off the mainline, etc. 

We manufacture tables, but would really like to know how many are out there, and how old some of them might be.

Thanks for your input!

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  • NS has a fully operational transfer table in active use at  its 38th Street repair facility at Lamberts Point ,Norfolk VA likely built late 50's -60s. Shaffer's crossing in Roanoke has on as well. I beleive.  Turn tables are  widely in use in many NS facilities. Williamson WV, Roanoke/East End Shops etc.

  • Some years ago we looked at WLE's freight car shop at Brewster, Ohio with the idea of establishing an independent  car repair shop.  It had a transfer table at the stub end of the shop.  I wonder if it is still there.

    When I worked for General American Transportation Corporation from 1961 t0 1968, Plant 1 in East Chicao has a transfer table at the stub end of the Wood Car Shop.  We finished box cars and insulated box cars in that shop.


    Walter Pogue

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    JLFXCON:  I had a look on google maps.  Neat place!  Saw the table too!  Thanks for the info.  It's fun to see all the different rail yard designs out there!

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    WalterPogue:  I looked at WLE's freight car shop at Brewster, Ohio, and at GATX's place in East Chicago, IN.  My Father has been to the GATX facility.  I can see the table at WLE.   Neat set up!  My Father says he thinks someone else leases that GATX facility in Indiana now.  Thanks for the great info!!!

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    Amtrak's Beech Grove Shop has one that must be 100+ y/o!

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    I would guess that the Wood Car Building is leased or owned by someone else.  It is on the West Side of Euclid Avenue.  An Airslide mainenance facility and a repair yard also were on that side.  The steel car shop was on the Ease Side of Euclid Avenue.  I understand that it has been razed. 

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    I used to work at the old Evans plant in Washington Indiana. It did belong to Rescar last I heard-not sure about now.. They had a 1-car lenght table between the two buildings that they could switch tracks with cars in & out that worked pretty well. Also, The old Katy/UP round-house in Fort Worth Texas had a turntable back in the 80's.

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    For Mick Madison:

             FYI, Rotem has installed transfer tables at its plant in South Philadelphia.  The plant is located at Weccacoe & Wolf Streets.  Rotem

    is part of the UTS consortium which is building the Silverliner 5 cars for SEPTA.  I believe the tables were installed in late 2008. 


                                           Jim Willgruber    Contract Administrator  


  • Toronto Transit has a transfer table in its Harvey Shop in the Hillcrest Complex. The shop was built around 1923. The shop currently does heavy maintenance and component overhaul on TTC's fleet of streetcars as well as major body work on buses. The transfer table is used to locate and move vehicles as well as trucks between workstations. The table splits the shop into two sides, so it is also used as a gangway to transport materials. This is a dated layout. The shop hasn't changed much but the surrounding buildings have been renovated/replaced/repurposed.

  • Gunderson's plant in Portland, OR had one as late as ~2001, or so. If I remember right, it spanned 3-5 tracks and was long enough for an 89' intermodal flat. I'm not sure if it's still there or if they took it out.

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