Black Eye in the quiet car

I got a black eye in responce to my request to a young well dressed young black male student to shut off his I-phone blasting profanities in my face on the train. Transit Police said that it was unreasonable for me to expect a quiet car when the the kids get off of school. There are 2 rush hours- 230-430 for the kids and 430-600 for the adults. Things had gotten so bad that RTA has a seperate train for white collar park and riders getting off at Brookpark. My attorney says that RTA may be liable here because there was no cameras on the second car and no panic button. Police have his phone but not him yet.

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  • Perhaps you would not have a black eye nor need for a personal injury attorney had you not tried to tell the miscreant to behave himself.  Does Chicago not have conductors on its trains?  But knowing your snarky, know-it-all manner at this forum site, it's not terribly shocking that you tangled with someone who didn't take kindly to your "request."  Also, what does his being black have to do with this.  Does Chicago have different behavior requirements for blacks, whites, male, female, well-dressed, slovenly?

  • Cleveland RTA has no conducters and no cameras. Being Black? Well....

    This was the week of the non stop CNN Coverage of Trevor Martin Shooting

    and racial tensions were getting high in the segragated city of Cleveland.

    Other passengers commented that my critcsizing his "rap" music was a racist move on my part.

    But if someone was blasting country music in my face I would say the same thing...however if was Brahms I of course would not mind.Cool


  • In reply to Larry Kaufman:

    Why don't you two ladies go get a part time job? Apart from each other. The only real problems worth talking about are my problems! Every owner of those stupid Pacifyers with Earphones is a miscreant! Ya bunch of babies! If I see another stainless coffee mug and white headphones I'm gonna hurl. As a rail and a passenger, I have done this for too long. My rule against riding in the front car is now broken so that I may converse with my fellow man, as the second car is now one of the quiet cars. People who were really goofy about their daily routine were wandering the train aimlessly for a few days last year!  Now enter the miscreant with their heads up their smartphones and they are clueless that the quiet car exists. I can't figure out why the rest of you can't figure out that it is all about them, not you. 

  • In reply to Systemsnut:

    So far I have this....The kids a juvenile so its being debated as to if his name can be released....I would be satisfied if the court would order his mother to give him about 10 paddles to his backside in the courtroom in front of me and everyone and make him walk to school....There is some evidence that he goes to a private school as well. Who knows what liberal cr-p they are putting in his head there,,,,

  • In reply to Larry Kaufman:

    Why do you assume conductors would make out any better asking this obvious juvenile delinquent to turn down his music?  Things in society have changed, juveniles don't like being "disrespected" by anyone.  The only way to deal with a juvenile who will punch an adult in the face for asking to turn down offensively loud music is with police, who rarely ride on trains.  Conductors don't have police authority or training, and should not be asked or expected to deal with unruly passengers, or they can expect to become victims of assaults themselves.

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