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We offer over 30 different types of railway training courses.

We are trying to determine whether we should sell directly to railways and training providers that will allow them to conduct there own training or should we use our instructors to do the training?

Appreciate your comments on either concept as we wish to offer the most affordable training possible.




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  • I think you need to be flexible. I as an individual presented a training course for a rail transit operation and previously as an employee of a supplier may times to employees of various rail roads. Simons Boardman provids courses as training materials only and as compele courses. My guess is that when you consider the range of properties and the coporate climates (even size from class 3 to class 1) you need to adapt to the customer's needs / desires. Most of your material probably will not need to be adapted and you get more customers that way! There might even be some profit in selling your material to museums and rail rans.


  • In reply to eugenecran:


    All of our courses have been designed for the industry and most are in use world wide. They can easily be adapted to any country. Plus the nobody can beat the price we sell these for.


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