How long does it take to clean a Amtrak Train?

I have seen them clean a train in Rutland VT and it takes 4-6 hours

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  • The train in Rutland has 5 cars and has run 7 hours or so up from Rutland.  It's cleaned by the Vermont Rail System.  

    I'd assume a longer train would take longer to clean except that you could increase staffing levels and finish the job quicker.  Perhaps it makes a difference if it's Amtrak staff or a contractor as in this case?

    Back when I was a conductor I learned I could make a big difference for the coach cleaners if I came through the train before large stops with a trash bin for passengers to throw things away themselves.  It made a big difference, but few conductors do that.


  • In reply to conductorchris:

    Do they actually clean Amtrak trains?!!!!! Wow! Doesn't look like their trains have been touched for the past 60 years!
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