Vintage Tourist Coaches Categorization

Somethimes a wrong tourist coaches categorizations can generate legal demands.

This problem normally doesn't exist on passenger services, where liner coaches are generally standarized.  Or if are not standarized they have usually interior layout standarized.

But... What about those tourist trains using «historic» liner coaches?

It is clear that a new 1st Class coach will not have the same comfort level as a 1950 vintage 1st Class.   this difference is what it is important to put in clear to the tourist.

The Patagonian is a good example of this.   This railway has two different 1st Class types in service, and a third to be added.   The «liner» passenger service at the «Patagónico» is using 1972 Budd 1st Compartmented Class coaches, and the touristic «La Trochita» 1922 Famillereux wooden salon coaches.

Of course, there is a very big difference between both 1st classes.

Now... How to make the tourist understand they are different types of a same class?

Very easy.   The TT-RA Protocol indicates how to do it.

Coaches with more than 20 years and maintaining original layouts must be considered as «classic» or vintage coachs, and identifed with the letter «H».

Compartmented coaches have to be identified as «D».


  • 1972 Budd 1st Compartmented Class = 1ºD H'72.
  • 1922 Famillereux wooden 1st = 1º H'22w

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