Traffic market: Confusing passengers with tourists

(At first, english is not my native language, so I want to apologize grammar mistakes.  I am doing my besto effort to learn more).

Believe or not, today, starting the XXIth Century, many transportation companies have not in clear the basic difference between «passengers» and «tourists», although this difference was well understood by british railway companies on the early XIXth Century.

The World Tourism Organization considerates the passenger as a tourist, because business convenience, but on reality both traffics have big differences.

A «passenger» is that person whose main interest is to go to a «X» destiny, being the destiny or activity the main travel purpose.   For him transport is necessary, but secondary.

A «tourist» is who want to enjoy an experience, being for him the transport «part of that experience», or eventually the travel itself main purpose.

Passengers and tourists have different travel motivations, and by that reason they have different exigences.   In consequence, both traffic types have different rolling stock requirements.

To simplify, passenger rolling stock is not usefull for tourist traffic, and opposite.  

I have seen railway operations made with the wrong rolling stock, and in one case I saw a railroad going to bankrupcy because this basic confusion.

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