Frank Richter... in memorian

We all know Frank Richter. 

When retired, he had the opportunity to stay in USA, following a very comfortable life, surrounded by colleagues, and well recognized.

But... no.

He selected to came to Argentina, well know to be one of the world's most anti railroad countries, to fight for the railway resurrection.   He knew very well that he had little chance of emerging victorious in battle as quixotic. But he did not care, and yet decided to attempt the impossible... this was to convince a road transport interested nation to evolute to a railway transportation system.

Heath failed him, and consequently he died at Buenos Aires, accompained by his loyal wife, Teresita.

This failure was for us his most important work, because he gave his life to showed us the importance of the railway as an engine of the economy.

The first tourist railways protocol was made in tribute to him, and the first tourist attractive categorization table was named "The Frank Richter's Table"   According this table, attractives are categorized from 0 to 7.   Last week  the Richter TT-RA protocol was made public in a chair master's tourism at the Buenos Aires University, and was students main interest.

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