Inverse profit, notated as 1/p, is technically a profit sustained by a fiscal deficit.

This economical system surged as a way to compensate private economical looses by using tax funds following a philosphy based on the « capitalize profit  and socialize looses» concept.   In otherwords companies which are "capitalists" when having profit, and "socialists" when they are loosing money.

In "castellano" there exist a word, with no translation.   the word  «berreta», defined a bad quality element, but also can be used to define something with a precary infraestructure.

This is exactly the case of many transportation companies based on the 1/p financial system.

Inverse profit warrantize you profit in short term, but...

But here is the problem, because on long term this financial architecture is not sustaniable, pushing the company to a bankrupcy, being this bankrupcy the minor problem.

Legal demands and their consequences are the major problem of this money  making philosophy.

ALL railroad was a good example of 1/p.

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