The Porta Equation

The RN Nº 14 is probably one of the most congested highways in the American continent.

This is used for road traffic between Brazil and Argentina, but also there is a lot of trucks traffic between Brazil and Chile.

A pair of years ago the route was widened from 1x1 to 2x2 lanes.

In only a pair of years trucks traffic grew up so enough to put the route into a saturation point.

Prof. Eng. Enrique Arquímedes Porta said usually that the automotive park growth rate is always faster than the square meters infraestructure you can build.   Under this situation the traditional «infraestructure linear growth» strategy is not a solution, because you always stays running after the ball, and consequently you never will solve the problem.

With a deficitary linear growth the best solution is the exponencial growth.

Prof. Porta said that a double railway track line has the same traffic capacity of 28 highway lanes.   

A truck transit produces a road surface damage equivalent to 15.000 automobiles transit.

The intense truck traffic over the RN Nº 14 is producing a fast damage on this new road surface, increasing considerably Goverment Fiscal deficit.

Also truck traffic is affecting seriously the intense tourism activity, and to avoid legal problems and negative touristic impacts Goverment is starting with trucks traffic bans during long weekends.  

Parale to the route exists a standard gauge railway line.   But it was abandonded five years ago.   Piggyback here could be a good business.

But the exponencial solution is not understood.

In the meantime we continue to lose money... and lives.

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